Why Us

As a lean team, we can work flexibly and infinitely faster than heavyweight consultancies

We supply energy. Fast. Without the big teams and top-heavy overheads of most other international consultancies, our advice and creative input is always more likely to provide a much higher Economic Value to Cost ratio (EVTC).

Most managers only get to do the stuff of BRAND ECONOMIX only once or twice in their careers – whereas we’ve been involved in running and steering businesses onto new, successful paths for decades – for some of the best brands and organizations in the world.

Most processes that involve change can only benefit from an informed, professional, independent assessment that will robustly challenge assumptions, whereas managers are often simply too close to issues or too concerned with daily problem-solving – or tweaking the bottom line – to always think independently. And let’s face it; value creation often requires not reasonable people – but unreasonable people.

We’re also a vital safety valve for CEOs, CFOs and CMOs when it comes to making a big leap or adjusting strategic direction. Our rich, varied experience and a professional, clinical detachment enable any business case to be judged by stakeholders on its real present and future merits.

And unlike BRAND ECONOMIX, while many consultants can – and will – blah-blah about individual elements of strategy, few have enjoyed our accumulated, business experience, qualifications or former board level responsibilities to implement strategy – or truly guide clients into the real-world risks, evaluations, implications, and costs, to enable the most appropriate holistic business mix.

We’re also quick to learn and fun to work with – working for you by working with you.

And we’re always delighted to partner with all your other agencies and stakeholders in teamwork and mutual respect e.g. Investors & VCs, Shareholders, Staff, Finance, Sales, Production, Advertising, Marketing & PR.