How can we retain and sell more to our most valuable customers?

We’ll help you use research techniques to find out what truly engages and motivates your customers and translate that into action plans.

 How do we evolve from a product to a services/solutions model?

We’ll help you evaluate the potential stretch of your brand and clarify how to broaden your business.

 Where can we find new value that helps offset our margins being squeezed?

We’ll examine your offer in relation to your competitors to discover new clues to adding value or doing things differently.

 How can we be sure we’re creating value and not destroying it?

We’ll analyze actions and provide insights about how their effect on revenue growth and Return on Capital drive earnings and cash flow.

 Is traditional marketing planning (TMP) going to work for our start-up/SME?

TMP is likely to be too passive. We’ll help you focus upon speed, trial and error and affordable market experimentation designed for a faster, active response.

 How do we introduce a culture that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation?

We’ll help introduce concepts, metrics and manage expectations, even to those many successful companies who struggle to grow beyond their core offering and believe growth will only come from M&A.

 Will changing our name damage our existing client base?

We’ll help you evaluate the potential stretch of your present brand and then clarify how to broaden your business – as well as the risk/reward analysis of a new name and its likely impact on sales and future.

 We’ve got directors that never seem to agree on anything.

We can help lead collaborative processes that ease the friction and identify the common ground to define business model(s) and a culture that everyone will want to support.

 We’re investors who need a quick, independent assessment of a start-up!

We’ll look closely at the people, concept, and intended business model, P&L, market positioning, valuation and overall potential – whether the investment intention is for a fast exit or to build a substantial business – or both!

 How do we earn more from what we do already?

We’ll look at the way in which you make money now, your market positioning, and value creation potential to raise prices, cut costs or diversify affordably.

 How do we create significant differentiation from our competitors?

We’ll consider your market positioning, advantages and disadvantages after a deep understanding of your present and potential client base.

 Should we now consider a merger or partnership to reduce costs and risk?

We’ll help you to determine in advance the market potential and risk/reward analysis of the various options.

 Will we do as well selling in international markets as we do at home?

We will provide the roadmap for discovering how different markets and cultures are likely to react to your product or services in terms of e.g. need, trend and pricing.

 We’re a VC that wants to re-invent elements of our portfolio for fast exit or further investment.

We’ll help you with diversification strategies together with financially-based re-evaluations and analysis of repositioning or rebranding.

 Is our brand portfolio going to be attractive to the future needs of our customers?

We’ll look at research, trend and your brand architecture to determine how products interact with each other in the minds of customers and how one area can drive sales in another.

 How do we make the big leap to A-level investment, partnerships and distribution?

We’ll help you develop the Business Case, story and presentations necessary to get your emerging company to the next stage. We can also help redefine the core proposition in terms of usefulness, talent, future and Intellectual Property.

 What will it take to launch our business in London or New York?

We’ll help you to consider all the strategic issues, especially in terms of positioning, marketing, financials and brand – and also connect you to our many colleagues in either location who, under our direction, can provide implementation and make it a reality.