“If you want to delight, if you want to create a remarkable experience, if you want people to talk about you, invest, or buy your stock, the secret is simple: give them more than they expected” (Seth Godin)

Running a business with the wrong strategy in the wrong place or time is possible, but it’s always going to be an uphill battle.

The only sane alternative is to think hard about your business model, costs, advantages and benefits – we call that THE MIX – how to create the most powerful integrations to meet the needs of your target market and stakeholder objectives.

And one only needs to ask oneself how much of our firm’s human capital is presently devoted to creating and testing new ideas versus merely executing old ones? If we want to increase wealth and remain relevant there may be no more important question to answer?

So that’s where BRAND ECONOMIX comes in, because – rather like do-it-yourself brain surgery – it’s very difficult for managers to operate on themselves and be clinically objective.


Think of THE MIX as a series of interlocking gears that are required to work seamlessly and must all be aligned to drive success.

Weaker parts can be modified or upgraded for peak performance. But since all business success relies upon a coherent integration, changes or fatigue in one part will have a quantifiable bearing on overall output performance and value creation potential.

As part of your team, we’d start by following a simple 3-step approach:

1. Focus

How is the business doing? Could it be doing better and where might be room for immediate improvement?

We’ll provide an independent analysis of present performance: resources, capabilities, market positioning and brand.

We’ll then economically clarify and balance the existing mix.

2. Objectivity

What else could we be doing with the same resources and capabilities? What could we be? Where might we go from here? How might we make a big leap?

We’ll devise, review and calculate new business directions and strategic options to challenge the existing status quo and, if necessary, consider the effects of any potential repositioning of the business.

We’re also experienced and qualified to provide board-level risk/reward analysis of all new, potential options and their implications.

3. Delivery

We’ll have saved clients huge amounts of time, energy and money by providing in advance a big-picture view what’s possible, affordable, and deliverable in any particular strategic direction.

We’ll then work with you to refine any new direction and make a board-level action plan for implementation across all the disciplines of finance, organization, positioning, marketing, sales, communications and brand.

We’ll also stick-around to help lead, provide actionable metrics, and implement new strategy.